More New Glyphs

Many exciting changes over the past week has come to Ingress! Operation Portal Recon and Lawson Beacons and competition over the past week, Magnus Reawakens this weekend… Niantic appears to be ramping up more activity prior to the long awaited Ingress 2.0 release! Read More

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New Lawson Beacon Super Fracker

BREAKING NEWS – New Lawson SuperFracker!

As we discovered in our last teardown, the Lawson Beacon has been announced. It is essentially a Japanese promotional super fracker, providing double output lasts a full 24 hours — or until 630 hacks has been used (in total across any number of players).  This works in the same manner as the portal fracker, which only gets 150 hacks and lasts 10 minutes. Read More

Niantic & Ingress,Scanner Updates


Operation Portal Recon Out Of Beta!

BREAKING NEWS — Operation Portal Recon is now available globally to all L16 players, and perhaps an old badge is coming back…
After nearly 6 months of closed (limited location) beta, OPR is now finally available to all L16 agents globally.  This tool allows players to work together to assess the quality of portal submissions, allowing Niantic to quickly work through their massive backlog and start getting new portals into the game again.  For help, read through this article, hit up our guide page, and join the G+ OPR community. Read More

Niantic & Ingress,Scanner Updates