The Gray Ingress Jedi

By: DannoReg

There’s been a disturbance in the force. You’ve probably felt it. If you didn’t, consider yourself lucky, for the inevitable has happened. Niantic has been given proof of people breaking TOS on a massive scale. Agents have turned on the other faction as well as their own. Thousands of agents found themselves under scrutiny. It was bad. We have just witnessed the biggest clash between light side and dark side agents that Ingress has ever seen, and many of us are caught in the middle, carefully watching our every step and word. Read More

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EXO5 Day 1 Anomaly Results

Day one of the EXO5 Anomaly Series saw a tight battle between the two factions with only half a series point separating the two teams by the end of the day.
During phase one in Osaka, the Resistance and Enlightened waged a fierce battle between each other but the Enlightened gained the upper hand scoring 53.3% in portal captures compared to the Resistance’s 46.69% . At the third measurement of the second phase, the Enlightened dominated the playing field scoring 158 points in shards over the Resistance score of 88. Their determination carried over into the third phase, scoring 82.02% of the links made for the phase. The total points earned in Osaka were 100.44 for the Resistance and 199.56 for the Enlightened, gaining a win for the Enlightened. Read More

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