Nissan Canada Finance Notifies 1.1 Million of Data Breach

Nissan Canada Finance notified 1.13 million customers on Thursday of a data breach impacting an unspecified number of past and present customers.
The breach occurred on Dec. 11, 2017 when an unidentified third-party gained access to customer name, address, vehicle make and model, vehicle identification number, credit score, loan amount and monthly payment. Read More

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EXO5 Day 2 Anomaly Results

In Taipei the Resistance worked hard against the Enlightened but they could not win any phase. The Enlightened captured the majority of portals and volatiles, scoring 64.59 points over the Resistance’s score of 35.41. In the second phase, the Resistance refused to give up, scoring shards 46 times but their score of 35.11 could not beat the Enlightened’s score of 64.89. By the third phase the Enlightened refused to give control of the board to the Resistance. They successfully scored 84.29 points in links and won Taipei with the final score of 213.77 over the Resistance’s final score of 86.23. Read More

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Permissions Flaw Found Azure AD Connect

A permissions flaw in Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect software could allow a rogue admin to escalate account privileges and gain unauthorized universal access within a company’s internal network.
Microsoft issued an advisory for the vulnerability on Tuesday. Affected are Office 365 customers running Microsoft’s Active Directory Domain Services in conjunction with Azure AD Connect software installed with the Express Settings, according to Preempt Security that first identified the vulnerability[1]. Read More

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Why Ingress Prime?

With all the news[1] about the forthcoming Ingress Prime, it’s worth taking a moment to ask, “Why is Niantic creating Ingress Prime anyway? What’s wrong with the Ingress we have?”[2]

Probably the most compelling reason for the new Ingress client is the fact that Ingress Classic is powered by RoboVM, a technology which was used to write apps in Java that could be run on Android or iOS. Xamarin acquired RoboVM in October 2015, and Microsoft, in turn, acquired Xamarin four months later. Xamarin’s Mono C♯ compiler and related technologies interested Microsoft, but the Java tech… not so much. Two months after the acquisition announcement, Microsoft discontinued RoboVM. Niantic had a problem: Ingress would not be able to continue to evolve with mobile platforms while built on dead tech. The Ingress Prime client is essentially a complete re-write on the Unity platform, like Pokémon GO. This allows it to continue to grow as mobile technology advances. Read More

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Camp Navarro 2018 Announcement

Niantic has officially announced[1] their second annual Camp Navarro event for 2018! The event will take place during Memorial day weekend, May 24-27, at the same campsite as this last years in Navarro, Ca. Though little is known about the event currently, we can assume it will be like this last years event where agents will be separated into teams to create a number of interactive portals. A major difference so far is that we will be given an extra day at the campsite! As the date gets closer, we should see more updates from Niantic about the event. At this time there is no form to sign but be prepared agents, there are plenty of teams forming already! Read More

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