A look at what to expect in 2018

We are just a few months into 2018 and from a geo-gamers perspective it’s looking to be a very exciting year!!
Lets take a look together at what we can expect.

Niantic Inc.[1] with five years of operational experience is continuing to head towards their goal of being a GPS gaming platform provider. Ingress[2] as its proof of concept is going strong and will be seeing an upgrade to its client and story line with Ingress Prime[3]. The scanner app will be shifting over to a Unity-based client while getting a graphical and user interface overhaul. Niantic has set the expectation that Prime will release with all the current game mechanics we know and love. Along with the upgrade to the scanner, an anime series has been announced retelling the Ingress plot line from a new perspective. The few screenshots, developer lead previews of the app and the four-second clip Niantic has released of the anime are causing agents everywhere to get very excited. Read More

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Cryptojacking Attack Found on Los Angeles Times Website

Researchers said they found cyptojacking code hidden on the Los Angeles Times’ interactive Homicide Report webpage that was quietly harnessing visitors’ CPUs to mine Monero cryptocurrency.
The cryptojacking incident was found by Troy Mursch, a security researcher at Bad Packets Report, on Wednesday. He said the cryptominer has since been killed off. The cryptominer in question was made by Coinhive, a company that offers a Monero JavaScript miner to websites as a nontraditional way to monetize website content. Read More

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2018/19 Anomalies and Ingress Prime News

After much anticipation, Niantic have finally revealed the dates and locations for all the upcoming XM Anomalies until Q2 2019. Things kick off on the 28th of July with six events with another six on the 25th of August. This could help us narrow down the window of a possible release date for Ingress Prime of late July at the latest. This can be further confirmed by a few other facts: In Andrew Krug’s February AMA[1], the answer to question 10 confirms that Mission Days are now on hold while the release of Ingress Prime is being worked on: Read More

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‘Olympic Destroyer’ Malware Behind Winter Olympics Cyberattack, Researchers Say

Winter Olympics officials have confirmed that a cyberattack occurred during the games’ opening ceremony on Feb. 9, but are remaining mum on the source of the attack. Researchers say the attack employed malware, dubbed Olympic Destroyer, that was written with the sole intention of destroying systems, not to steal data. Read More

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Gojdue Variant Eludes Microsoft, Google Cloud Protection, Researchers Say

Researchers have identified a new ransomware strain that went undetected by built-in anti-malware protection used by cloud heavyweights Microsoft and Google as recently as January.
According to researchers at the cloud service firm Bitglass, both Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint web service failed to identify a new strain of Gojdue ransomware called ShurL0ckr when tested last month. More troubling, when the malware was tested in the same timeframe against VirusTotal’s database of known vulnerabilities on Jan. 16, only seven percent of AV engines detected the malware. Read More

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Leaky Amazon S3 Bucket Exposes Personal Data of 12,000 Social Media Influencers

An erroneously configured Amazon (S3) Simple Storage Service bucket managed by Paris marketing firm Octoly left contact information and personal details for more than 12,000 social media influencers.
Octoly connects popular Instagram, Twitter and YouTube users with companies that provide them consumer goods and services at no charge, in hopes of getting favorable reviews or otherwise amplifying their brand image online. Read More

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