Recursion Prime Day 2 Anomaly Results

The final anomaly day of 2018 saw both team start tied with 6 ‘Recursion Artifacts’ each. Resistance kicked things off strong in the usually Enlightened dominated APAC region by winning in Hong Kong and Yogyakarta, earning them 2 Artifacts. For the second part of the day, Enlightened won in Bucharest and Resistance won in Barcelona, keeping them in the lead by 2 points. In the USA, both teams won a city each again with Austin going to the Enlightened and Salt Lake City to the Resistance. Read More

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Recursion Prime Day 1 Anomaly Results

Last weekend saw one of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen to the XM Anomaly format. This new format could theoretically avoid the traditional single team takeovers of every city by allowing a disadvantaged team to throw all their effort into a single strategic measurement and make a comeback, Additionally, two of the challenges relied on the control of a small handful of key portals. Read More

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IngressFS – July 2018 Results, with Bonus Anomaly Update

524 Agents from 30 cities in 13 countries earned 73 million AP, gained 76 levels and walked 1,887 km during July’s First Saturday events around the world.
This month, the Enlightened had the most levels gained (+22), most AP earned (+1.8m), most AP per agent (+11.0k) and most KM per agent (+0.01). The Resistance had the most agents (+8) and most KM walked (+25). Read More

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EXO5 Day 2 Anomaly Results

In Taipei the Resistance worked hard against the Enlightened but they could not win any phase. The Enlightened captured the majority of portals and volatiles, scoring 64.59 points over the Resistance’s score of 35.41. In the second phase, the Resistance refused to give up, scoring shards 46 times but their score of 35.11 could not beat the Enlightened’s score of 64.89. By the third phase the Enlightened refused to give control of the board to the Resistance. They successfully scored 84.29 points in links and won Taipei with the final score of 213.77 over the Resistance’s final score of 86.23. Read More

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EXO5 Day 1 Anomaly Results

Day one of the EXO5 Anomaly Series saw a tight battle between the two factions with only half a series point separating the two teams by the end of the day.
During phase one in Osaka, the Resistance and Enlightened waged a fierce battle between each other but the Enlightened gained the upper hand scoring 53.3% in portal captures compared to the Resistance’s 46.69% . At the third measurement of the second phase, the Enlightened dominated the playing field scoring 158 points in shards over the Resistance score of 88. Their determination carried over into the third phase, scoring 82.02% of the links made for the phase. The total points earned in Osaka were 100.44 for the Resistance and 199.56 for the Enlightened, gaining a win for the Enlightened. Read More

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13MAGNUS Reawakens Anomaly Results

After 7,809 Portals, 2,022 Volatiles, 373 Shards Captured, 5,709 fields held, in 18 cities over 2 weekends, the 13MAGNUS Reawakens Anomaly series goes to the Enlightened!
Round 1 saw Enlightened dominate in Brisbane and Petaling Jaya while Resistance took full control of Macau. Both teams managed to score between 95.3% and 99.8% of the points in the Phase 3 Field Frenzy in their respective winning cities in this round. Read More

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Via Noir Anomaly Report

In what was the shortest full anomaly series since Minotaur in 2013, the single day event that was the Via Noir series was won by the Enlightened.
The Enlightened kicked things of strongly winning in all 3 cities in the first measurement in the Asia/Pacific anomalies but were only able to keep control of Seoul and Melbourne with Surabaya going to the Resistance. Read More

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