Recursion Prime Day 2 Anomaly Results

The final anomaly day of 2018 saw both team start tied with 6 ‘Recursion Artifacts’ each. Resistance kicked things off strong in the usually Enlightened dominated APAC region by winning in Hong Kong and Yogyakarta, earning them 2 Artifacts. For the second part of the day, Enlightened won in Bucharest and Resistance won in Barcelona, keeping them in the lead by 2 points. In the USA, both teams won a city each again with Austin going to the Enlightened and Salt Lake City to the Resistance. Read More

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Ingress Prime: New Cash Shop Items

Niantic has heard the agents’ concerns and has made some changes in the store!
During Prime’s release, new item bundles were added to the in-game store, which quickly gained the attention of the player base. Many concerns were voiced on the addition of these bundles, and after taking in the feedback on this change, Niantic posted[1] 24 hours after Prime’s release that they would be changing them. Within 72 hours, Niantic has changed the bundles to better suit the players’ feedback. Read More

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Swipe Navigation in Ingress Prime

The release of Ingress Prime includes many quality of life enhancements, including one to help agents navigate more quickly. Here’s everything you need to know about the new swipe navigation.

Navigation is now managed via circular buttons near the bottom of the screen so that you can easily reach it with your thumb. Many of these buttons display “sub-buttons” when tapped. Swipe navigation allows you to activate these sub-buttons with a single gesture, letting you access them more quickly. Read More

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Ingress Prime Released

Out of the blue Ingress Prime has gone from closed beta to released (open beta). Agents with the Classic scanner were upgraded to Ingress Prime rather than having to download the Prime beta separately from the Classic scanner. This could have been done because it’ll hit a larger target audience rather than asking agents to download the Prime beta separately.  Let’s dive into some of the highlights of today’s release. Read More

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Recursion Prime Day 1 Anomaly Results

Last weekend saw one of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen to the XM Anomaly format. This new format could theoretically avoid the traditional single team takeovers of every city by allowing a disadvantaged team to throw all their effort into a single strategic measurement and make a comeback, Additionally, two of the challenges relied on the control of a small handful of key portals. Read More

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Ingress Prime Coming “Around October,” says Hanke

Variety recently reported that the new Ingress anime will be released on Netflix around October[1]. The release of the anime is scheduled to coincide with the release of Ingress Prime.

The anime, “Ingress: The Animation,” focuses on two XM senstitives, Makoto and Sarah, who are fleeing a third character named Jack. All three investigate an XM corporation’s human experiments. The article states “This new antagonist will also appear in the new ‘Ingress’ game.” It was unclear whether the term “antagonist” refers to the XM corporation or Jack. Read More

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2018/19 Anomalies and Ingress Prime News

After much anticipation, Niantic have finally revealed the dates and locations for all the upcoming XM Anomalies until Q2 2019. Things kick off on the 28th of July with six events with another six on the 25th of August. This could help us narrow down the window of a possible release date for Ingress Prime of late July at the latest. This can be further confirmed by a few other facts: In Andrew Krug’s February AMA[1], the answer to question 10 confirms that Mission Days are now on hold while the release of Ingress Prime is being worked on: Read More

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