IngressFS – May 2018 Results

649 agents from 34 cities in 19 countries earned 87 million AP, gained 56 levels and walked 2,248 km during May’s First Saturday events around the world.
This month, the Enlightened had the most levels gained (+2), most AP earned (+1.0M) and most AP per agent (+12.7k). The Resistance had the most agents (+23), most KM walked (+100) and most KM per agent (+0.06). Read More

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TeenSafe Tracking App Exposes Thousands of Private Records

Thousands of accounts for TeenSafe, which is a mobile app that parents can use to monitor what their kids are doing online, have been exposed in the latest Amazon Web Services cloud misconfiguration.
According to a report[1] from ZDNet, which verified the data breach, there were at least two servers left open to the internet without a password, with information easily available in plaintext. Read More

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